Is it okay to have casual sex with my ex-boyfriend?

My ex boyfriend and I broke up about three months ago. We still talk from time-to-time and are on good terms. I’m not getting any action and I really wish I were.I’m kind of a horny girl. My question is… would it be a terrible idea to seduce my ex and use him purely for sex? We had really good sex

This is a stupid idea. Listen, you’re a girl. Girl’s can have sex whenever the fuck they want with whomever they want. The only reason you’re not getting any action is because you don’t want to get any action. I don’t care how ugly or stupid you think you look, there are plenty of guys out there right now that would love to date you or just sleep with you. But for some reason, you’re not interested in these guys. I wonder why?

In general, there’s nothing wrong with having casual sex. Most guys can remember at least some time in their lives where there was the somewhat cute/somewhat chubby girl who lived down the hall in the dorm, and was always down to have sex. She would never be our first choice, but hell, she’s RIGHT there and she’s ready, and it takes no effort at all, and sometimes effortless sex is exactly what we want.

Girls who want to have no strings attached sex have a much easier time of it than guys do. This tells me that your issue isn’t about not having someone to have sex with, it’s because you’re still in love with your ex-boyfriend and are looking for an excuse to have sex with him again. Maybe you think you guys can get back together or maybe in your heart you know it’s over between the two of you, but you just want to have sex with him and pretend you’re still together for a little while.

Write him off and move on. If you need to get laid, go find a new guy. They are everywhere. But stop lying to yourself about your motives. We all know the truth.

I am not going to try and pretend I haven’t been in your position before. It can be the most painstaking and troublesome life when you break up with someone and you do not immediately find someone better, or equally as good, to fuck. It also nearly kills you to be forced to fantasize about the way your ex used to touch you every night before you go to bed, knowing damn well you’re laying there all by yourself, roommate’s cat scratching at your door, too lonely to masturbate.

It is an extremely tempting thought, inviting over your ex, seducing him or her and having your way with them, if only once more. There is nothing better in this world than sexing someone you have had strong feelings for that you haven’t sexed in months. Passionate bliss. It is only a natural desire for us to have these feelings. The problem is, the fun only lasts so long. Coming from experience, once the night is over, the wine hangover has kicked in, and you go your separate ways, you’ll be left feeling worse off than before. Getting dicked is not a cure for loneliness.

Your ex is your ex for a reason. Chances are, one of you still has feelings for the other, and bringing intimacy into the picture is only going to create a whirlwind of drama. Having sex with an ex is a surefire way to NEVER get over them. I know in that horny little mind of yours you are thinking, “I just want to get laid. That’s all I want. After we have sex I will seriously never talk to him again.” WRONG. Sex is the best way for all those bandaged up feelings to rise to the surface once again. Messy, messy, messy. You do not want this.

Instead, I advise you to move forward. Stay busy. Try to keep your mind off sex as much as possible. Remember that you are not going to be writhing in your sexual discomfort forever. When those nights come and you’re alone with some stupid book someone told you to read, you’re feeling fat from all the shit you just ate at the Cheesecake Factory, and all that seems comforting is torturing yourself with thoughts of your ex, remind yourself, instead, of all the reasons why he sucked ass as a boyfriend.